Multi-Awards From £100k to £650k

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Five of our clients intend to win a major creative framework with single-supplier lots.

Design (lot 1) and brand & web development (lot 3)
Video Development (lot2)
Large format graphics (printed) & LED displays (lot 6)
Printing (lot 5)


Five clients consisting of two micro-companies, two small organisations and one medium-sized corporation are targeting five different single-supplier lots facing 26 competing businesses. Who will win?


None of our clients was competing against each other as each lot covered a different sector: 1) design, 2) video development, 3) branding & web development, 5) print and 6) large format graphics (including installations).  Five bidding teams worked on developing powerful proposals. Competitor and market research, as well as pricing tactics customised to this contract, were aligned to the contracting authority's requirements. We developed new case studies, benefit & USPs lists, and for one company a set of compliance documents to demonstrate capability and risk-adversity. The value of the smallest lot was £100k while the largest one exceeded a value of £650k. Each lot was awarded to one supplier only and the framework had a length of four years. This was a project which included the delivery of a printed hardcopy of the tender proposal as well as a presentation. While we held two presentations by ourselves, we have trained three of our clients to hold the presentation by themselves.


Winning strike: five awards for all five of our clients for five different sectors. The award was confirmed publically and no challenge was being raised. It was an unforgettable team effort and an amazing success.

100% WON

£2m in Total

9.900% ROI

From The Client

“Absolutely amazing.”

"Thanks to Bid Champions we have won another contract. As always: excellent work."

"We do not know anyone else who goes the extra mile and puts in so much effort to win. We already see them as part of our team."

"Rachelle and Achmed were amazing! We wouldn't stand a chance without them."

"Best bidders in the industry."

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