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We love the competitive environment. It can be exciting, mind-blowing and highly rewarding. There is no better way than to capture market trends, use valuable feedback to improve and gain insights into your competition.

To win battles, you've got to stay razor-sharp. To get there, you've got to be determined and focused to build your bidding muscles every day. The cool part is that you will see immediate results for every improvement you make. Instant feedback. If you use it wisely, you can steal the show from your competition early on.

How would you feel if you win against a competitor who is 10x bigger and more experienced than you are? Pretty amazing. That's how our clients feel every day and week. To get there, you must have a proper competition management strategy in place.

Top bidders dissect the profiles of their competition to pitch against their weaknesses and build up strengths. The best strategy includes the views of procurers in their industry and contracting authorities (buyers), too. Battle plans are made to become indestructible.


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Bidding will reveal new areas of your business that can be optimised now to win contracts. We enable our clients to eliminate weaknesses and succeed against all odds.

Once you realise how to outperform your competition regularly, you will never stop loving bidding. It builds confidence and rewards effort. That's why we enjoy it so much.


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There are hundreds of tactics you can employ to compete successfully. Most ensure that you surpass other businesses and some enable you to set up consortiums so that you can ride the wave of success even though you have a smaller capacity and infrastructure.