We are honoured to have helped so many great professionals and businesses flourish. Due to the complexity of our work and the NDAs we sign with all our clients, we do not often get the opportunity to share what we have achieved. Fortunately, we were given permission to share a few quotes publically so that others can better grasp who we are and what we are up to. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we did!

Social Media Marketing
“Thanks to Bid Champions we have won another contract. As always: excellent work.”
Service Director
“Bid Champions employs one of the best minds in the bidding industry which is why we decided to work with them.”
“No bidding agency, bid professional or consulting firm wanted to help me. They all thought it was impossible until I spoke with the director of Bid Champions. I never met someone with so much energy, skill and enthusiasm before. He will move mountains for you.”
Software Developer
“Bid Champions was recommended to us by one of our suppliers. We approached them carefully as we made some bad experiences in the past. What we received in return was nothing short of a miracle. We were hoping to attract at least 35% of the spending budget, but 90%!? We cannot recommend them highly enough!”
Group Director
“I would have never thought to win so many contracts in such a short time the very first time we try this out. Unbelievable. Amazing.”
VP Marketing & Sales
“Achmed’s ability to generate growth and win challenging contracts was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the profitability of our company.”
Project Manager
"Couldn't recommend highly enough."
Installation Director & Allrounder
"This rare mix of productivity and ambition sets an excellent example for us."
Senior Campaign Manager
“Absolutely amazing.”
Sales Director
"We do not know anyone else who goes the extra mile and puts in so much effort to win. We already see them as part of our team."
Managing Director
"Rachelle and Achmed were amazing! We wouldn't stand a chance without them."
Customer Service Director
"Best bidders in the industry."
Sales Director