Bid Writing

A new process that includes content creation, proofing, case studies, unlimited writing and more.

The majority of bid writers will only collect and restructure your information. We do much more than that. We can create everything from scratch no matter which element it is that is missing.

Bid writing offers a wide range of amazing opportunities to prove how competent and reliable you are to the procurers. They are looking for the best and the right pitch proves that you deliver the best. We address each term, requirement and need of both procurers and the contracting authority for every bid.

Our bidders are experts in developing impactful content from scratch that meet all expectations and requirements. While procurers need to save time and make good decisions, the contracting authority needs to use their budget effectively but wish to benefit from good quality & reliability.


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Max Contract Awards

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We also analyse previous submissions and your competition to produce tender proposals that make you stand out. Don’t miss out on a huge opportunity – start growing!

Works Instantly

No previous experience, great infrastructure or large teams are needed! Written to impress.

Accurate Pitching

All content is tailored to the procurer's and buyer's needs, requirements and goals.

Unlimited Writing

Once we start, we produce and optimise as much content as necessary to win. No limits.

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We start immediately, no waiting or breaks. We won tenders which had a 2-hour turnaround. We are ready.