Don't Waste Your Time and Money

If you are serious about winning contracts, you will make the right choice. We treat each bid as a full-time project to give you the maximum chance of success without rising costs.

From start to finish, the full programme which includes all stages, incremental feedback management and CIP.

One-off bid writing projects merge all bidding elements into one process. It is more than just restructuring content!

Developing & designing impressive presentations. Rehearsals and pitch training for each presentation held in person.

Intensive manual sourcing + scraping 1000 platforms. Branding + relationship-building to stay on the radar of all buyers.

Pricing strategies that beat competitors. Sell high enough to profit, low enough to win, every time! Includes SCM.

Careful preparation is the key to win. Includes market & competitor tracking, spy projects, opportunity analysis and targeting.

Unlimited bid management

Sourcing, liaison, negotiation, coordination, analysis, submissions, presentations, etc.

Unlimited Copywriting

All built from scratch, compelling copy, USPs, visuals, policies, compliance, etc.

unlimited bid writing

Structuring, development, aligning with requirements, proofreading, etc.

unlimited case studies

Built for our clients from scratch & fully tailored to buyer's requirements and tender.

unlimited Design

Beautifully designed content aligned to brand guidelines to improve the impact.

Unlimited communication

Communications, clarifications, competition analysis, sales pitches, bid mediation, etc.

More Than Just Bid Writing

Winning contracts repetitively is more than aligning your content and bid proposal to the tender requirements. Be clever about winning and make every second count.

Built From Scratch

Create & customise new content. Treat each bid as a full-time project.

Made to Impress

Use market data to outperform competitors from every angle.

Keep Pipeline Full

We hunt contract awards for you so that you can double your profits. All tracked.

Traditional bidding relies on the profile or content of the bidder to win. You need patience for that. Our methodology uses a new approach to win more contracts in less time.

New Generation Bidding is a full turnkey effort to attract attention, persuade and build trust. Forward-thinking suppliers use it to grow swiftly and withstand heavy competition.

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