Dominating Frameworks

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The printing and mailing company MediKo is now facing intense organic growth driven by a high amount of print and mailing contracts they have acquired over the year.

£8m Framework Can Bring In 90% Sales If You Use The Best Framework Strategy
Gathering Sales From 4% to 90% In 30 Days Within All Frameworks
Customised Bidding Methodology Leads To A Framework Strategy That Works 100%
We Involved The Supply Chain & Stakeholders To Develop The Best Pricing Strategy


MediKo was fortunate enough to join one print and one mailing framework which were shared with over 15 suppliers each. However, they struggled to obtain work and believed it was all down to price. This is a common misconception.


Our team developed an aggressive bidding strategy that has been customised to dominate frameworks. Our team also orchestrated marketing & communication campaigns to increase the spending of contracting authorities and promote new products/services our client could provide more cost-effectively. We performed competitor research and recorded the price performances over time to create effective pricing strategies and determine the right level of mark-up per type of product/service. With our team, MediKo was able to develop better vendor relationships and negotiate better deals. In other words, our strategy included supply chain and stakeholder management tactics.


MediKo dominated the frameworks completely and handled more than 90% of framework jobs/projects. Spending per year increased slightly. Our client was able to adapt to the market conditions in a way that most of the spending went to MediKo.

90% of Framework Spending Budget

>£8m Total Value

16.566% ROI

From The Client

“Bid Champions was recommended to us by one of our suppliers. We approached them carefully as we made some bad experiences in the past. What we received in return was nothing short of a miracle. We were hoping to attract at least 35% of the spending budget, but 90%!? We cannot recommend them highly enough”

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