Beating the Odds: £500m Contract Award

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Apitac, a major outsourcing and professional services company, takes on a £500m contract against a rival who has better ratings.

£500m Contract Award for One Supplier
Winning a £500m Contract Despite Being Marked as High Risk
Building Partnerships with Reputable Risk-Averse Organisations
Developing Unbeatable Bid Tender Proposals


Our client has been officially rated as a high-risk institution and had bad credit ratings. Do they stand a chance against their rival?


It was not possible to hide the fact that Apitac had a negative risk assessment and suffered from a bad financial credit background. One way around this was to build up a consortium network of risk-averse partners who filled gaps and turned Apitac's weaknesses into strengths. However, this was not enough. To convince the contracting authority to consider their offer, the technical solution would have to provide the absolute best value and service quality, while at the same time, provide an exceptional price performance. That offer had to be twice as good as their competitor's proposal. We assisted our client in developing this proposal, ensuring that markups were low enough to win but high enough to profit. Furthermore, we helped our client to coordinate the "right" relationships and agreements with a vast amount of stakeholders to put together an unbeatable offer based on a risk assessment made by additional "reputable" third parties, too. We designed new features and expanded the list of benefits and USPs. The bidding project was led by our director under the PRINCE2 scheme.


Apitac won the contract. The news spread like wildfire and was covered by the media, but it did not change the contracting authority's decision. And it was the right one. Our client is currently delivering the services throughout the pandemic with only small impacts. Their rival, on the other hand, is suffering from instability and are forced to cut resources.

100% Won

£500m in Total

1.999.900% ROI

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“Bid Champions employs one of the best minds in the bidding industry which is why we decided to work with them.”

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