Bid Strategy

Anyone who is serious about winning contracts will plan and prepare to grow not too fast and not too slow. Most importantly, forward-thinking companies will avoid wasting their time & money.

Our top bidders define a series of tactics and preparatory actions for our clients so that they can win contracts and gain market share. Unsurprisingly we perform in-depth market & competitor research & analysis, market planning, internal & staff analysis and training to prepare our clients to beat all types of challenges during the bidding process regardless of experience, size or financial strength.

Clients who wish to start winning contracts faster found this stage helpful. We'll set up a bid management and CIP cycle for our clients to reduce risk and increase the probability of success by using hands-on and immediately applicable processes to win new work. We also assist in recruiting and training new staff.

Understanding the key market, industry, competitors, procurement teams and buyers thoroughly is crucial for success. Adapting to market trends, changes in needs/requirements across contracting authorities but also the strengths and new development of competiting companies form all part of this exercise.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

Our bid consultants can hold group interviews with you and your team members to get started quickly. Our experts also assess the impact and effectiveness of previous bidding processes, efforts and your current strengths. We develop targets and KPIs to ensure that we can measure success and progress accurately.

Winning contracts repeatedly come as a result of intelligent bid planning and management. Casual tests, mediocre effort and believing that one can do it with little experience are the most common reasons why companies and professionals give up bidding. A lot of people waste time and fail. Not our clients. They just keep winning.

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