4 Contract Awards in 29 Days

We reserve one slot for each sector.

Kognitec Technologies, a leading face recognition industry’s within the security software sector, entered the contract industry for the first time.

Winning Four Single-Supplier Contracts in 29 Days - Total Value £14m
Face Recognition Software Company Wins Four Contracts The First Time They Try It
4x 50-Page Tender Proposals within 7 Days To Win £14m Successfully
Dedicated Bidding Team with Sector Experience Made The Difference


The software company intended to win four security contracts: two arrived through a direct invitation and two were sourced manually. Their challenge: no time, no bidding experience and their competitors were five times larger who were winning security contracts for over a decade.


A dynamically innovative bidding strategy that allows suppliers who had a smaller infrastructure and track record to outshine more experienced bidders. We allocated a large-enough bidding team that, within 7 days, developed a 50-page tender proposal for each contract (4x*50 = 100 pages) including policies, case studies, USPs, etc. from scratch, following an in-depth competitor analysis. Our team was able to identify/analyse competing suppliers including their strengths, weaknesses and pricing model.


Usually, contracting authorities require much time to evaluate tender proposals. We faced an exception: 21 days later all four buyers confirmed their intention to award the contracts to Kognitec Technologies. These were not frameworks.

100% WON

> £14m Total Value

>100.000% ROI

From The Client

“I would have never thought to win so many contracts in such a short time the very first time we try this out. Unbelievable. Amazing.”

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