Large Competitor Loses Battle

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Outdoor Delarium, a fast-growing micro-business in the digital display and LED screen sector, is entering the bidding industry with their biggest bet yet.

£800k Advertising Contract Including Graphics & Digital Displays
Beating the Largest Graphics & Digital Display Provider in the UK
Powerful Bid Tender Proposals incl. RAMS, H&S, Installation Planning & Delivery
Partner & Supply Chain Improvement to Create The Winning Tender Proposal


Our client faced one of the biggest competitors in the industry to participate in an exceptionally difficult battle.


We developed a unique bidding strategy that considered the weaknesses and strengths of their competitor. It was already clear what type of solution (i.e. specification) the competitor would offer. After gathering all publically available information on their competitor and scanning through the supply chain which reached back to China, we analysed all weaknesses of the competitor's solution and prepared a proposal that provided better cost savings and better benefits. The process was complex as we had to revisit the exact specification many times and involve more parties. Relationships with a few new manufacturers in China had to be developed. More than 20 stakeholders and 15 different parties were involved. This had led to a 150-page long bid, unusually large but necessary to give the contracting authority good enough reason to choose them. And it worked. The contracting authority offered Outdoor Delarium the chance to meet their staff and make a personal presentation. We developed a strong PPT presentation and trained our client's staff to ensure that the pitch was perfect.


30 days after the meeting Outdoor Delarium won the contract. It was, without doubt, one of the most complex tenders we have worked on due to the sheer size of technical information we had to gather, analyse, combine and expand. We have even worked on the solution itself and reached out to the technical departments of our client's suppliers (manufacturers) to review cost-saving options.

100% WON

£800k in Total

13.000% ROI

From The Client

“Achmed’s ability to generate growth and win challenging contracts was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the profitability of our company. ”

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