Sole Trader Wins £1m Deal

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Reaching the end of his 20s, an enthusiastic software developer attempts to win a £1m software contract. Will he succeed?

Sole Trader Wins £1m Contract
Building a Consortium within Seven Days Based on Credentials & Profiles
Merging +200 Factors to Develop a 100-Page Tender Proposal To Win The Contract
£1m Contract Award Achieved by a Single-Person Business Against All Odds


To win a £1m software development contract, our client needed to appear big, eliminate risk and fulfil all the requirements of the ITT terms. His competitors were giants compared to him and he did not have all the systems, policies, accreditations and financial background to stand a chance. He needed a way around it.


To make this work, we had to assist our client to prepare and optimise a one-man ltd company, building a complex consortium while gathering candidates and partners to accumulate credentials. This has led to a 100-page large tender proposal excluding all compliance documents (certifications, policies, etc.) which documented everything from each staff member over tools and assets to the successful delivery and maintenance of the contract. Tons of documents had to be developed from scratch. The last compliance files, insurances and proposed solution was finalised just a few days before the tender deadline. We had to arrange meetings and form new agreements with more than 20 different parties.


Despite the difficulty and hurdles, our client was, with our help, able to make a powerful presentation and convince the contracting authority to choose him (a single-person ltd company) as the only and main supplier for the three-year software development contract.

100% WON

£1m Total Value

9900% ROI

From The Client

“No bidding agency, bid professional or consulting firm wanted to help me. They all thought it was impossible until I spoke with the director of Bid Champions. I never met someone with so much energy, skill and enthusiasm before. He will move mountains for you. ”

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