Bid Training & Coaching

We have experience in all facets of bid writing and bid management to help our clients reach their full potential. Build your bidding muscle, earn respect and grow profits.

We take a comprehensive approach to bid development starting from bid writing and strategic bidding over bid design to competition management. We pride ourselves as a team of experienced bidders breaking records in the bidding industry. Our goal is to empower you not only to lead the way but to dominate your niche.

Our bid training covers a wide range of important aspects that relate to bid management and bid writing, but don't be fooled. It is not just about using the right strategy and tactics, but building the right mindset and focus to withstand pressure. We create champions that are unique in mindset and character.

Bidding Skills

Bid writing, bid sourcing, bid analysis, bid optimisations, continuous improvement, feedback management, appeal management, and more. Bidding skills are the result of continuous analysis, improvement and hard practice. We give you all.

Stakeholder Management

Top bidders must be able to coordinate large teams. Tender proposals consist of information that you get from different sources. Our training also focuses on relationship management and strategic team coordination.

Champion's Mindset

Dealing with failures is what differentiates top vs weak bidders. A successful bidding professional must maintain top-level performance during challenging times. They must be hungry. Our champions are trained to be unbeatable.

Intelligent Sourcing

It is not enough to register on a tender platform and expect to locate every opportunity. Tender platforms are limited and people often use the wrong categories. There are opportunities that are unpublished and more are sent directly to companies. Manual work is involved. We show you how to track and find every opportunity.

Art of Pitching

To stand out, you must know what your competition is up to and how to meet the requirements/needs of the procurement team and the buyer (these are two different parties). Trainees enhance their focus and expand their view. A good pitch always targets two parties.

Strategic Bidding

Mindless bid writing is a waste of time. Everything needs to be strategically planned, progress must be tracked/analysed and actions must be tactical. The goal is not to win one time, but to acquire contracts regularly. We create champions who know how to dominate and not just lead.

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Cross-Team Training & Analysis

We provide rigorous testing for all team types as well as experienced bidders and bid writers before we deliver your training course and sign off coaching sessions. Staff analysis is performed both for novices and highly experienced professionals to ensure boost productivity and capability.

Better Than Bid Seminars

We use complex training tools and exercises that allow attendees to get up to 20x better results than attending traditional bid seminars. We don't just deliver content but ensure that every attendee wins more contracts from day 1.

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