Bid Marketing

Bid campaigns and bid presentations that lead to contract awards.

Bid marketing and bid presentations create proof that you meet and exceed the buyer's needs/requirements.

Marketers agree that bid marketing is essential to optimise win rates.  A personalised, segmented and targeted bid campaign is important to convince procurers - some act against norms and may view your online presence and content which influence their impression.

Our bid marketing methodology exploits such gaps and optimises all visible content including websites and bid presentations, too.

Top bidders will use this content to address unspoken concerns and questions of the buyer to maximise win rates over time.

Bid Presentations

Procurers may require you to hold presentations in person. Your pitch must be designed to impress your audience. You'll get a shot to outperform your competition in one strike, too. Use this chance!

Bid Marketing with Stakeholders

Champions market their products/services across entire stakeholder chains. A proper communication schedule is key - it should not be limited to one tender.

Bid Experience Management

Tender processes can be extremely subjective. You must use this to your advantage! Designs, colours, tone, structure and even your website and online content can influence tender outcomes.

Bid marketing empowers your message, expands your reach and do not leave gaps across your presence and all touchpoints.

Ensure that all marketing efforts link to the needs and requirements of all buyers.


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