Bid Management

Game-changing bidding process that includes everything before, during and after submitting tender proposals. No workload, no risks, just results.

We reduce 99% of the workload, inspire engagement and attract contract awards by forming high-quality relationships and designing impactful tender proposals, aiming to satisfy buyers.

Our bids simplify the decision-making process during procurement with the end goal of creating long-lasting trade relationships between the contracting authority and suppliers.

Our bidding tactics are tailored to the needs/requirements of both procurement teams and contracting authorities.

Unlimited CIP

The key to dominating your niche is to ensure that you do better than your competition. For that, you need to improve bid by bid. Continuous Improvement Process system is part of our bid management metholodogy.

Unlimited Case Studies

To stand out from the crowd, you need to continue to create new case studies and tailor these to each tender. This is an everlasting case study development cycle which will be useful for your sales & marketing teams, too.

Unlimited Bid Writing

Market domination comes from a razor-sharp focus on winning contracts repetitively. In other words, you need to continue to create, customise and submit impactful tender proposals as often as possible.

Unlimited Presentations

Procurement teams don't always rely on written tender proposals. They want to meet you in person and expect excellent presentations. When this happens, you need to be fully prepared to stand out.

Unlimited Sourcing

Forward-thinking organisations enjoy growing continuously. If you wish you have a stable income that continues to grow, you need to keep your pipeline full. Market scraping and manual work are required!

Unlimited Design

The look and style of your tender proposals can increase your score and chance to win a contract. Such design should be tailored to your audience, hence, it must change when necessary to create a long-lasting impact.

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We are aware of the importance of saving time and reducing costs, which is why we handle everything, even pricing.

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To reduce the cost burden further, we introduced a commission-based model so that our clients eliminate risks completely.


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